Sklep Gerda


25 stycznia 2019

Meet Gerda at MONTERIADA and see how to install a door right

Meet Gerda at MONTERIADA and see how to install a door right

A door installed right not only ensures effective anti-burglary protection, but acoustic and thermal comfort as well. Proper GERDA door installation demonstrations can be seen at MONTERIADA as part of BUDMA Fair 2019, between February 12 and 15.

MONTERIADA is the event involving demonstrations of the professional installation of doors, gates and windows, organized by POiD (English, “Polish Windows and Doors Association”) as part of BUDMA (International Construction and Architecture) Fair. Of course, one of the leading door, lock and fittings manufacturers, that is, our Company, cannot fail to show up at the event. The innovative security technologies used in GERDA products have been reaching the highest anti-burglary security and performance parameters for 30 years now.

MONTERIADA is a part of the all-Poland educational campaign “DOBRY MONTAŻ” (English, “Right Installation”). The guiding idea lying behind the campaign is that woodwork is done only once, so if done wrong, it will generate costs due to the ensuing ‚heat escape’, which we will incur for a dozen or even several dozen years to come.

At this year’s MONTERIADA, we are going to demonstrate the layer-sealing (‚warm’) installation of GERDA NTT REVO 75 and GERDA TT OPTIMA 60 doors for houses. The right installation is first and foremost the key to success and customer satisfaction, therefore it is worthwhile visiting us to see what in the installation process should be given special attention. We encourage reading the detailed agenda for and attend MONTERIADA at BUDMA Fair between February 12 and 15, 2019 (pavilion 5, stand 1).

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