Sklep Gerda


GERDA is one of the leaders in the production of doors, locks and door hardware based on innovative safety technologies. The company provides the highest parameters of protection and burglary resistance.

GERDA has operated on the market of door security systems since 1987. Close cooperation with Business Partners, Customers as well as research and certifying centres and institutions providing safety systems enables us to constantly improve our offer so that it fulfils Customers’ expectations and guarantees the comfort of use, reliability and protection.

Mission and values


Excellent quality, the highest strength and performance parameters of the products are guaranteed by ISO 9001 procedures and confirmed by certificates.
The highest standard of products meets the constantly growing market expectations. Thanks to authorised installation and professional service our Customers may enjoy additional comfort and convenience.

Mission and values


GERDA products are based on the latest technologies. Innovative, patented solutions implemented by a team of qualified engineers and designers guarantee the highest quality, safety and unique design of our products. Gerda Sp. z o.o. has three manufacturing plants: in Warsaw, Sokołów and Starachowice. Moreover, our company carries out aluminium joinery projects.

Mission and values


Extensive network of distributors and sales representatives at home and abroad ensures widespread availability of GERDA products, both to individual customers and wholesale recipients. In the interests of customers’ comfort we provide measurement, advice and professional service free of charge.
Thanks to cooperation with developers, architects, housing co-operatives and general contractors GERDA equips with its products investment sector as well: offices, public institutions, warehouses, housing estates, luxury apartments and the like.

Mission and values


GERDA conducts its business activity in a conscious and responsible manner and preserves the environment within the scope of recovery and recycling pursuant to Act on Packaging and Packaging Waste Management of 13 June 2013.
The company uses its own patented solutions which contribute to increasing the safety level and, at the same time, to gaining competitive edge. It is worth emphasising that in order to improve its anti-burglary door GERDA cooperates with Counter Terrorism Bureau.


Our mission gains at the complex insight into the newest protection technologies which would meet individual expectations of our Customers and the demands of the an innovative market.

Mission and values


We are constantly developing our security systems so as to meet the expectations of our customers, contractors and partners. Our team of skilled designers and engineers and unique, patented solutions guarantee a high quality of products and safety of their use.

Mission and values


We want to create a work environment based on mutual respect among our employees, customers, contractors, suppliers, the community and the natural environment that we live in. Respect also means everyday care about natural resources and striving to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations.

Mission and values


A long-term collaboration with our partners, aimed at achieving our common goals, is the foundation of our development and success. We want to contribute to the success of the business of all our partners and to develop the skills and talents of our employees.

Mission and values


Our employees are creative and innovative, which enables us to develop solutions that meet the current and future needs of our customers. In order to meet these expectations, we offer products of the highest quality that use the latest technological solutions.