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Garage Doors

A garage is nowadays an almost obligatory element of a single-family house design. It can be a free-standing facility or one connected to the house. In each of these cases, it requires appropriate protection. It is a reliable, energy-saving garage door that matches the facade of the house. Gerda is a company that offers proven, solid and functional sectional garage doors in its rich offer. Get to know our offer!

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Garage Doors
Leaf thickness

How to extend the warranty?

See how to extend the warranty to 36 months for GERDA THERMO PRIME, THERMO PREMIUM and OPTIMA home doors

Warranty Card

Make sure that the purchase of the door is recorded on the warranty card.

Certified installer

The door must be installed by a certified fitter.

Technical review

Have the door inspected 18-24 months after purchase.

Product registration

Register the product on the website or send the completed form by mail.

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High-quality garage doors – what is it

Choosing the right gate is one of the many challenges when building a single-family house. Gerda gates are a guarantee of reliability, comfort and high-quality workmanship. Our gates are made of galvanized steel, which is an excellent protection against corrosion. Additional protection is also the varnish coating in the segment panels. Gerda garage doors provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. They are ready to face difficult weather conditions, and the durable mechanism allows them to be used for many years.

How to choose the right garage door?

Before making the final decision to buy a garage door, it is worth paying attention to a few important issues.

The type of material the gate is made of and its reliable structure determine its strength. Thanks to modern solutions, Gerda gates retain heat, tightly protect the interior of the garage against rain and snow, and are safe – they are equipped with a special system preventing the door leaf from falling inert in the event of a failure.

Let’s not forget about the appearance of the gate. It is an element that comes to the fore of the house and should harmonize with its colors. Gerda offers its customers a wide selection of colors and patterns of panels in sectional doors.

Garage doors and vehicle safety

The garage door can be said to be another door to the house. That is why it is so important for the gate to be properly secured and properly protect automotive belongings. If the house is connected to the garage, it is also worth taking care of a solid garage door to prevent unwanted people from entering the house. Gerda is a company for which safety is a priority. For many years we have been specializing in the production of security doors. We also use our extensive experience in garage doors. Thanks to our knowledge and commitment, we can provide our customers with high-quality products and provide them with the highest level of protection.

Types of garage doors

Several types are available on the market

Overhead doors – when choosing this type of gate, you have to remember that it requires additional space in front of the garage. It opens upwards and its lower part extends outwards.

Sectional gates – are made of interconnected segments. They have a reputation for being strong, durable and watertight. They don’t take up much space when opening and closing. They are an ideal solution for garages with a short driveway or located directly on the street.

Rolling gates – their mechanism of operation is similar to that of window roller shutters. Using them is convenient. They do not need extra space when opening and closing.

Garage doors – price list

Do you want to get to know Gerda’s offer and check which sectional doors are in our offer? Browse the Gerda product line in the Catalog – Garage doors. The prices depend on the type of gate and the solutions used in it. We work with partners all over Poland. Check the authorized sales points of Gerda products in your area.

Gerda – manufacturer of garage doors

We are a manufacturer who cares about meeting your expectations. We offer two series of garage doors. The TREND series is characterized by durability and reliable construction, all at an affordable price. The PRESTIGE / PRESTIGE PLUS series are doors that can withstand harsh weather conditions and have advanced anti-corrosion properties.

Check the details of the offer and choose a garage door that suits your needs!