GWX 20

GWX 20


Anti-burglar door fitted with glass to use as the main door in residential construction in medium-risk burglary, equipped as standard with a warm frame Gerda PERFOTHERM®.
The door leaf multilayered structure with steel core box and on both sides removable liner panel serving as a decorative, insulating and reinforcing function.
Edge of the door leaf made of aluminium with thermal break, provides protection against wear door edge and the opportunity to exchange facing panel and profiles in case of damage.
Safe door leaf structure equipped with locks with the highest resistance class. Glazing doors made from the highest quality glass burglar

Product characteristics

Number of locking points: 6
Sound insulation coefficient: 35
Heat transfer coefficient: 1.3
IMP Certificate: IMP
Resistance to burglary RC2

Available door sizes

  • 80N
  • 80
  • 90N
  • 90E
  • 100E*

* Size 100E extra charge 15% to the door set price

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