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Pracownicy są największym atutem Gerda Sp. z o.o. Ich zaangażowanie i postawa pozytywnie wpływają na jakość realizacji powierzonych im zadań. Dlatego przywiązujemy dużą wagę do tego, aby każdy z naszych pracowników był zadowolony ze swojej pracy i aktywnie uczestniczył w życiu naszej firmy.

Kogo szukamy?

Rekrutacja prowadzona jest na następujące stanowiska:

Mission and values

Our mission is a comprehensive approach in the field of modern security technologies, meeting the individual expectations of our customers and the needs of an innovative market.


We are constantly developing our security systems to meet the expectations of our clients, contractors and partners. A team of excellent engineers-designers and unique patented solutions guarantee high quality products and safe use.


We strive to create a work environment based on mutual respect between all our employees, customers, contractors, suppliers, society and the natural environment in which we live. It also means taking care of natural resources on a daily basis and ensuring that our activities have the least negative impact on the environment.


The basis of our development and the company’s success is long-term cooperation with our contractors, aimed at achieving common goals. We want to contribute to the business success of all our partners and develop the abilities and skills of our employees.


Our employees are creative and innovative people, thanks to which solutions are developed that meet the current and future needs of our clients. To meet these expectations, we offer products of the highest quality, using the latest technological solutions.