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Door viewers

Door viewers are simple and popular, yet much needed protection measures. They protect you against opening a door leaf to a stranger and enable checking what is happening outside the apartment or house. We have prepared classic door viewers that are durable, easy to install and ensure good visibility for many years. We also offer modern electronic models equipped with plenty of functions providing an even greater feeling of security. They display high-quality image, which meets the requirements of people with poor eyesight. They can also act as recorders. Door viewers are not only characterized by good visibility but also by an aesthetic design, which facilitates matching them with the door. See the classic and electronic models we have prepared for you and choose the visor that will provide you with the greatest feeling of security.

Classic door viewers – what is there to know about it?

Classic door viewers are commonly referred to as judas. These products are characterised by a simple design and at the same time they are extremely useful. In this category you will find door viewers that guarantee perfect visibility thanks to high-quality glass. The door leaf element will serve you well for many years – it will not get scratches or smudges that make it difficult to see who is behind the door. The brass construction also guarantees that you will be able to use your classic peephole for many years. In our assortment you will find models in various colour variants, so you can easily match the small element with the shade of the leaf, the handle or the lock. The wide range of adjustment possibilities allows you to adjust the peephole to practically any type of door.

Electronic door viewers – discover more possibilities

Are you looking for modern solutions that guarantee security and convenience? Decide on the electronic door viewer brand Gerda. In this category you will find a model that will be perfect if the house is inhabited by children, elderly or visually impaired people. The peephole can be mounted using a standard mounting hole, which will not cause you any problems. Precise fixing of the element is possible thanks to the included sleeves. These allow you to adjust the electronic viewer to the diameter of the opening and the thickness of the door.

Excellent visibility is guaranteed by the large LCD screen. The external camera allows you to record images, but you need a micro-SD card. If you don’t use it, the image will be displayed but not recorded. Importantly, recording provides good visibility, even when lighting conditions are poor or it is completely dark. There are LEDs on the viewfinder that allow you to take pictures at night. Electronic door viewers offer a large viewing angle of 120°. The universal design makes the modern model look good on any door.