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Mortise locks

The world-class Gerda locks have been appreciated by customers for over 20 years. We have been creating and improving our security measures for so long to ensure maximum safety and comfort of use. Our products are created in cooperation with specialists and experts in safety matters from the Institute of Precision Mechanics and the Police Headquarters. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you are buying a product made according to the latest solutions and anti-burglary patents, which will serve you reliably for many years. All our locks are subjected to demanding tests and examinations – so that you can sleep well.

Are you looking for a good lock for your house or apartment? Gerda is the optimal choice! By purchasing our lock, you can be sure that you will miss burglaries and thefts, and that you will not have to worry about its operation. Our locks are reliable for many years, and thanks to their solid workmanship, in accordance with the latest technologies, they work well even in conditions of very intensive use.

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ZW 100 Mortise locksZW 100

ZW 100

Mortise locks

ZW 1000 Mortise locksZW 1000

ZW 1000

Mortise locks

ZW 3000 Mortise locksZW 3000

ZW 3000

Mortise locks

ZW 500 / ZW 550 Mortise locksZW 500 / ZW 550

ZW 500 / ZW 550

Mortise locks

Mortise lock for the door – what is it characterized by?

A mortise door lock – unlike a surface lock – is a lock mounted inside the door leaf. This is one of the highest levels of protection against unwanted interference inside your home or apartment. Our specialized locks guarantee you 100% protection and long-term damage-free operation in all conditions. All thanks to the fact that the locks are made of solid materials and are made in consultation with security experts, and then tested by the Laboratory of Mechanical Testing of Security Devices of the Institute of Precision Mechanics and the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police Headquarters. The result of these demanding tests is the classification according to the PN-EN 12209: 2005 standard, as well as the certificate of the Institute of Precision Mechanics.

In addition to the security guarantee that each of our locks has, we offer products with various designs – so that you can perfectly match the appearance of the lock to the arrangement of your home or apartment. Made in accordance with the latest design trends, the locks will look elegant and timeless on your door.

Mortise lock offer

We present you a diverse offer of our mortise locks – different security classes, different looks and price range will allow you to find a product perfectly tailored to your needs and expectations. We offer products that guarantee many years of trouble-free operation. They can be used as the main lock in security doors or as an additional security for another main lock. We also have locks that can be used on both exterior and interior doors. A lock for special tasks is a lock that provides the possibility of cooperation with special steel pins, thus increasing the number of bolts in the door leaf.

If you are looking for reliable, failure-free and top-class security locks for your house or apartment, check out the Gerda brand offer! We invite you to familiarize yourself with the diverse range of our products available in many colors and finishes.