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Apartment doors

How to choose the right front door for your apartment? What should be their characteristics and what properties make them the doors of people’s choice for their own four walls? For many years, Gerda company and its designers have been improving their products. The goal is to provide customers with excellent doors for any apartment in multi-family residential building. They are characterised by durability, elegance and functionality.

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Apartment doors
Acoustic insulation
Anti-theft class Fire class
STAR 60 Series Doors to apartmentsSTAR 60 Series

STAR 60 Series

Doors to apartments

PREMIUM 60 series Doors to apartmentsPREMIUM 60 series

PREMIUM 60 series

Doors to apartments

COMFORT 60 series Doors to apartmentsCOMFORT 60 series

COMFORT 60 series

Doors to apartments

ENJOY series Doors to apartmentsENJOY series

ENJOY series

Doors to apartments

The door to the apartment – what should they have?

Doors that are part of staircases do not have to meet as many requirements as external doors used in single-family houses. It does not mean, however, that these are not good quality doors and the producers do not make any efforts to launch a valuable product on the market. At Gerda, we focus on comfort and safety. Our doors are anti-burglary, excellent acoustic comfort, fire protection and a fashionable look that harmonize with both the aesthetics of the staircase and the interior of the apartment. Gerda anti-burglary doors have gained the cult status over the years and enjoy a very good reputation among users. We know how to create a solid door to every apartment!

How to choose the right apartment entrance door?

Before the entrance door appears in your apartment, pay attention to a few important features that will make you happy with the decision made. What functions should a good quality door fulfill?

Mute noise

You want to feel comfortable in your apartment. It is your oasis of peace and quiet. You will be protected against sounds coming from the staircase by doors with a higher degree of sound absorption. At the same time, you can be sure that the conversations in your apartment will not be heard outside the door.

Adequate thermal insulation

If you want to keep heat in your apartment and at the same time avoid drafts, choose a door that will provide very good thermal insulation. The key here are the seals that are responsible for the adhesion of the door to the frame.

Fire protection

Fire doors are designed to contain fire and smoke from spreading. Doors with this type of properties are marked with special symbols EI, where E is the fire integrity criterion, and I indicates fire insulation.

The entrance door to the apartment and your safety

You will be happy to let guests into your apartment through the front door, but what about people who may be a threat to your property? In this case, the entrance door must be a security door. They use special solutions and safeguards that effectively discourage and deter burglars. In Gerda doors we use reinforced structures and anti-burglary inserts. We know security and we have foolproof ways to deal with burglars.

Anti-theft doors – additional protection

The effectiveness of anti-burglary doors is confirmed by appropriate certificates and approvals issued by competent institutions. This is a guarantee that Gerda products meet the highest standards. Our doors have RC2, RC3 and RC4 security classes. The higher the class, the better the protection against unwanted persons. Additional security measures are often used in apartment blocks and multi-family houses – intercom or monitoring. This form of security together with an anti-burglary door is a guarantee of peace and reduction of worries about property and valuable items in the apartment.

Gerda entrance door – offer

Gerda is a manufacturer that has been consistently improving its offer for many years. Today we are experts in the production of doors, locks, fittings and sectional doors. The development of security measures is of particular importance to us. This is why Gerda security doors are trusted by customers. Do you want to know our offer of apartment entrance doors and check product prices? See the Catalog – Doors to apartments. Together with us, you will compose a door that will meet your expectations in terms of functionality, safety and design. Bet on proven solutions!