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We have extensive experience in the production of crime-proof locks and extremely robust hardware and accessories. All GERDA-branded door fittings and locks have gained a reputation for durability and reliability. We are consistently developing our business with new technologies and concepts.

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G1000 PLUS Surface locksG1000 PLUS

G1000 PLUS

Surface locks

TYTAN ZX Surface locksTYTAN ZX


Surface locks



Surface locks

TYTAN ZX 1000 Surface locksTYTAN ZX 1000


Surface locks



Surface locks

TYTAN Z2 Surface locksTYTAN Z2


Surface locks

TYTAN ZK Surface locksTYTAN ZK


Surface locks

TYTAN ZE1 Surface locksTYTAN ZE1


Surface locks

Many years of experience and solid workmanship – these are the distinguishing features of the Gerda brand on the market of manufacturers of burglar-proof locks, burglar-proof doors and hardware and other accessories. For over 20 years we have researched, tested and produced door locks that will provide you with security and safety. All of our door locks are trusted and recognised by our customers as reliable and durable products. To better and better meet your security needs, we are constantly developing our technology and reaching for new ideas.

Choosing Gerda products, you gain peace of mind, safety and guarantee of reliability. We invite you to familiarise yourself with our range!

High quality door locks

A door lock is more than just a device for locking the door to your home. It is a product on which your psychological comfort and sense of security depends. Therefore, when creating our locks, we cooperate with experts from the Institute of Precision Mechanics and the National Police Headquarters. Based on their many years of experience we design solutions that prevent damage to locks and burglaries. Then the finished products are submitted to multi-stage verification by security experts from the Institute of Precision Mechanics and the National Police Headquarters. A door lock tested in this way is added to our offer and delivered to your door.

Reliability, functionality, long-term reliability and compliance with the latest design trends are the features that guide our work. They are confirmed by numerous safety certificates and a wide range of satisfied customers whose houses and flats are protected by our products.

Types of door locks and other security devices on offer

We offer surface mounted locks, which are ideal for securing internal doors against unwanted entry, as well as mortise locks with an even higher level of security.

Surface locks, created in accordance with anti-burglary standards, are products that are characterised by modern design, elegant appearance and a guarantee of long-term reliable operation. You will find various types of surface-mounted locks in our range – to meet your needs both in terms of security, aesthetics and the budget you plan to allocate for the purchase of a lock.

Mortise locks are characterised by high resistance to forcible attempts to open the door. They have been thoroughly tested by the Mechanical Safety Devices Research Laboratory of the Institute of Precision Mechanics and the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police Headquarters. They have the IMP safety certificate and classification in compliance with PN-EN 12209: 2005 standard.

Door lock technologies

We use a variety of technologies in our locks to respond to the needs of different customers and ensure maximum security and convenience.

The first of these are electromagnetic locks, which make it possible to secure the entrance and control access at the same time. These lock the door permanently, opening it only when a card is placed against the sensor. This is an optimum solution for companies, facilities requiring special protection or hotel rooms.

The second solution we use are door closers, which make it possible to close doors automatically. Their function is to close doors safely and automatically, which is used in fire doors, as well as to protect doors and prevent draughts.

Master Key systems, in which thanks to one key we are able to open many doors, are also very popular. The client defines the scope of the system (the number of locks opened by key). A huge advantage of Master Key is the convenience and ability to quickly communicate within the facility.

Are you looking for a reliable and solid lock? Take a look at our offer – you will find products that fully meet your needs!