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Surface locks

Stay safe with Gerda locks! Operating in the lock, hardware and door industry for 20 years, we have everything necessary to protect your home. First of all, many years of experience, reliability and modern production technologies. Our locks are made under the supervision of professionals and experts from the Institute of Precision Mechanics and the Police Headquarters. Each newly created lock is examined and tested by them in terms of strength and safety. We reach for modern solutions and constantly develop production technology. All this to ensure maximum safety, certainty and comfort of use.

Our products have been trusted and appreciated by our customers for over 20 years. They are appreciated for their reliability, high durability even in conditions of intensive use, modern design and safety they provide.

Do you care about a castle that you can trust? Choose Gerda surface locks and enjoy a good sleep and a trip without worrying about the house!

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Surface lock – what is it characterized by?

Under the Gerda brand, we produce various types of locks, fittings, locking systems and doors. One of our flagship products is a surface door lock. What is this? What features does it have? And will it be a good choice for your house or apartment?

A surface lock (as opposed to a mortise lock) is mounted on the door surface. It is created in accordance with the latest anti-burglary standards. All our surface locks are classified according to PN-EN 12209: 2005 and are certified by the Institute of Precision Mechanics. They are the result of many years of research and anti-theft tests and are synonymous with reliability, durability and your safety.

We offer locks with elegant appearance and modern design. Many models are available in different colors and finishes, so that you can perfectly match the lock to the door and interior design. Selected models have an additional security in the form of a rigid chain (also known as a bolt or a latch), which allows the door to be opened safely without the risk of an unauthorized person entering the house or apartment. The offer also includes locks without a knob, ensuring the possibility of opening the lock on both sides with the highest security control, wherever a passage door between rooms is needed.

Surface door lock – additional security

Surface locks can be successfully used as additional security for mortise locks or other locking systems. A double lock is a guarantee of even greater security wherever it is important to effectively protect against unwanted intrusions or burglaries. Our surface locks are perfect as additional security in houses and apartments, but also in shops and service points.

By choosing our locks, you provide yourself with security and a guarantee of reliability. Thanks to many years of experience and modern technologies, we are irreplaceable in the protection of property. Familiarize yourself with our range of surface locks and focus on maximum security today!