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Exterior doors are an important element emphasising the character of the building. They should match the colour scheme of the façade and, at the same time, ensure the security of the household members. Gerda is a company with several decades of experience in door manufacturing. Our patents and modern solutions are appreciated by our customers, who rely on us in the field of anti-burglary doors. Check out our offer and take a look at the Catalogue Doors to Houses. Join the group of satisfied users!

Thermal insulation
Anti-theft class Leaf thickness


Extremely robust internal metal construction which provides excellent thermal insulation is a common feature of the front doors to houses from the product line THERMO PRIME and THERMO PREMIUM. In this series you can find traditional Elite 3D doors designed for those who appreciate classic solutions. They look great in modern buildings as well. Air Glass, Quadro and Tempo door variants offer a modern design that will emphasise the prestige and individuality of any house.

Four design lines can be distinguished within the group of THERMO PRIME and THERMO PREMIUM doors:

AIR GLASS – with a distinctive glass commonly known as a car windscreen,
QUADRO – with numerous glass elements and a 3D architrave,
TEMPO – classic door referring to the best GERDA’s patterns,
ELITE 3D – elegant design.


With the highest comfort of our customers in mind, we create front doors to houses that provide the best protection against adverse weather conditions. Due to the use of modern technologies, as well as steel, wooden and aluminium door frames, GERDA’s external doors have very good parameters of thermal insulation.

Tempo, Classic and Optima Duo 60 models also include discreet glass panels that add lightness to the design. Doors are available in different design series; you can choose the type of glazing and the colour version. Choose the Optima line of external front doors for your house.

ALTUS aluminum doors

ALTUS anti-burglary aluminium doors have been designed to achieve the best thermal insulation parameters. Composed of a three-chamber aluminium 9 cm thick system, the doors meet the rigorous requirements established for modern passive housing.

ALTUS doors have a patented “anti-bimetal” interlayer as standard, specially designed insulators significantly increase the thermal insulation parameter and have a substantial impact on reducing the costs of energy.

The construction of GERDA ALTUS aluminium doors allows for a uniform surface from both: inside and outside.

Exterior doors – what should they be characterized by?

A good exterior door to a home is a functional door. The materials from which the best Gerda entrance doors are made are also important. They determine the reliability and long-term durability of the products. Our offer includes, among others steel, aluminum and wooden doors.

When choosing an entrance door to the house, pay attention to their technical parameters. Doors outside the property often come into contact with unfavorable weather conditions. They must be prepared for rain, snow and strong winds.

Thermal insulation is another important issue. Good-quality home doors optimally protect the building against heat loss. In addition, there is also proper sound insulation. Entrance doors are to effectively eliminate the noise coming from the outside environment.

The most important thing, however, is safety. To properly protect your property and loved ones, put on a security door. Gerda has been specializing in the production of such doors of the highest standards for many years.

How to choose the right front door for your home?

Are you facing the choice of a door to your new home? Do you want to replace your old door with a more functional one? We advise what to look for when browsing the house door offer.

The size of the exterior door

Are you facing the choice of a door to your new home? Do you want to replace your old door with a more functional one? We advise what to look for when browsing the house door offer.

The way to open the door

If the vestibule or hall in your home is not too large, it is worth using outward opening doors. However, you should pay attention to the material from which the door is made and take care of a roof to avoid scratching, e.g. after snowfall. Inward opening doors are a perfect solution for houses with a larger vestibule.

Left or right wing door

There are situations where the position of the hinge matters. When choosing the right or left door, take into account that they have adequate opening space and will not interfere with the door inside your home.

Fashionable appearance

The doors also have a decorative function. In our offer you will find, among others doors with glass elements, which will additionally illuminate the interior of the hall and allow you to see who came to visit. Modern glass in the door is extremely resistant and does not reduce the level of security.

External doors and security

Expectations for our door are very high. This mobilizes Gerda’s engineers to create unique products. Safety is our priority. We use modern technologies and materials to protect against burglary. Our doors have appropriate certificates and approvals. When choosing a security door, pay attention to the security classes. The lowest class is RC1. Doors with this marking provide basic protection against burglary. The top classes are RC5 and RC6. They have doors in banks and other institutions that require special protection. The Gerda company offers anti-burglary doors in the RC2, RC3 and RC4 classes.

Exterior door prices

Gerda external doors are a rich tradition, high quality and solid workmanship. The prices of our products depend on the material and technologies used. If you are interested in Gerda’s front doors, we encourage you to browse our catalog of house doors.