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RESIST ULTRA DUO tapes for sandwich assembly

A set of tapes recommended for use in the case of layered installation. The Gerda RESIST ULTRA DUO is an innovative product with a special membrane that regulates water diffusion through the partition expansion layer.

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Technical specifications

  • Two reels 8 metres each
  • Resistant to UV radiation
  • Additional adhesive strip enables the use of GERDA layered installation for all types of GERDA door frames


A specially prepared package contains two reels with 8 running metres of 90 mm-wide tape each, dedicated for the installation of one door unit, which enables saving used materials without undue losses and waste. All GERDA RESIST ULTRA DUO tapes are covered with acrylic glue resistant to UV radiation along the entire width, which does not require using additional adhesive. The additional adhesive strip enables using GERDA layered installation with all types of GERDA door frames, for use as building entrance doors. Follow the Manual when installing doors.