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Contra 900/6V

Gerda Class: Premium Protection
Contra 900 / 6V bicycle lock – a classic in securing bicycles.
Constructed of hardened 6 mm round links.

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  • Scratch protection Scratch protection
  • Protection against dirt Protection against dirt
  • Symmetric key included Symmetric key included





Technical specifications

  • The length of 90 cm allows you to conveniently attach your bike
  • Hardened 6 mm round links
  • A textile cover protects the bike from scratches
  • The key hole plug protects the lock from getting dirty
  • Convenient symmetrical key that is easy to handle, even in the dark
  • The key can only be removed from a closed lock
  • Wrapped on the seatpost, handlebars or in a pannier
  • For securing inexpensive bicycles
  • For fastening the bike in a safe place for a while
  • We recommend that you lock the bike through the frame and the rear wheel
  • It is best to secure the bike to a pole, railing or other fixed architectural element


Gerda Class: Standard Protection

Bicycle chain – a classic in securing bicycles. 6 mm hardened chain link chain with a round cross section with a textile protection sleeve. The CONTRA 900 / 6V bicycle lock is a hardened chain, 90 cm long, made of reinforced steel.
The Gerda lock has a special key hole plug that protects against dust, sand, mud and any other dirt.
The lock is covered with a secure plastic coating that protects the frame from scratching and absorbs accidental impacts.
The set includes a convenient symmetrical key. This technological solution will allow you to easily open the lock in any position, ensuring comfort of use even in the dark.