Sklep Gerda



ALTUS doors are energy-saving doors with a coefficient from 0.74 W/mK for full doors and 0.81 W/m2K for glazed doors. As standard, they are equipped with a spacer in the patented „anti-bimetal” technology, which uses specially designed insulators that significantly increase the thermal insulation parameters and have a significant impact on reducing energy purchase costs.

GERDA ALTUS has been enriched with the possibility of making a leaf with a set of sidelights and a toplight made of aluminium profiles ensuring excellent thermal insulation parameters.


Product characteristics

od 0,74
Heat transfer coefficient: od 0,74
IMP Certificate: IMP
Resistance to burglary RC2

Available door sizes

  • 90N
  • 90E

* Size 100E extra charge 15% to the door set price

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