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Adhesive for polystyrene

Professional, single-component polyurethane adhesive for gluing Styrofoam panels when insulating external walls of buildings, both new and under thermal renovation, using the lightweight-wet method in GERDA thermal insulation systems.

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Technical specifications

  • Efficient and convenient use
  • Accelerates thermal insulation work
  • Exhibits excellent adhesion to typical structural materials


Using this adhesive makes the work easier and faster and improves bonding strength. This product is extremely efficient and easy to apply, and its use makes the installation of Styrofoam panels much easier, simultaneously significantly accelerating the execution of thermal insulation work: the Styrofoam panels can be ground and anchored already after 2 hours. The product is characterized by high thermal insulation and sound absorption parameters. The adhesive is used in bonding Styrofoam panels within GERDA thermal insulation systems, Styrofoam coffers, window sills, filling expansion joints in thermal insulation, in bonding and insulating wall panels, corrugated sheets, roof tiles, etc. The GERDA polyurethane adhesive exhibits excellent adhesion to typical building materials, such as brick walls, hollow blocks, concrete, plasters, wood, metals, Styrofoam, hard PVC and rigid PUR foams.

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