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Gerda VITA cylinder

Burglar-proof cylinder in highest class 6.D. New cylinder design with effective bumping and reaming protection and the possibility of ordering key code recombination (AB variant only).

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  • Resistance class according to the Polish standard: Resistance class according to the Polish standard: 6
  • Product protection class Gerda Class: Product protection class Gerda Class: 12
  • Number of owner's keys: Number of owner's keys: 5
  • Number of assembly keys: Number of assembly keys: 2
  • Warranty: Warranty: 5 years






Cylinder classification according to PN-EN 1303: 2015-07

1 6 0 B 0 C 6 D

Certificate issued by the Building Research Institute



New cylinder GERDA VITA in the highest class 6.D. The design of the cylinder has effective solutions that protect against opening by tampering methods and reaming.

The knob version of the GERDA VITA cylinder has been developed to be fully compatible with the tedee smart lock powered by Gerda.

Technical data


Technical data


Technical paramaters:

  • highest mechanism durability — more than 100,000 cycles
  • 6 active pins
  • single-sided key
  • more than 100 000 real key code combinations
  • highest security class — 6
  • highest burglary resistance — D
  • highest corrosion resistance
  • certified for fireproof joinery
  • NEW: SECURITY CARD — provides you with the highest level of security against unauthorised key duplication
  • secure lock coupling included as standard (key-key version)

Types available:

  • key – key
  • knob – key
  • key – key with a sprocket
  • knob – key with a sprocket
  • single-key system sets
  • compatible with tedee smart lock (knob version)
  • cylinder and 2 sets of single-key system cylinders with key code recombination (AB variant — 2 assembly keys + 5 owner’s keys)
  • colours available: chrome and matte black
  • 5 years warranty — (after product registration)

Construction and Approvals


Construction and Approvals

  • Certificate issued by the Building Research Institute

See the downloads section for PDF files containing approvals.



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