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“tedee powered by GERDA” smart lock – Turn your smartphone into a key to your home.

The tedee smart lock is the smallest, strongest and the fastest smartphone-controlled front door lock that, like any traditional lock, completely locks and protects the door against unauthorized opening. Thanks to the tedee smart lock, you can open and close the door without leaving the chair, as well as open it from anywhere using the app. You can grant access to others once, for a given time, or permanently, and you don’t have to take with you or share your door keys.

You can also buy a keyboard for the tedee smart lock and grant access by generating and sending a PIN code to a given person. He will not have to install the application and learn how to use it, but only after reaching the place, will enter the received PIN code that will open, and then can also close the door.

The tedee lock also has many different functions to facilitate the daily operation of the entrance door. The most useful of them are auto-opening, thanks to which the door opens by itself when we approach it, and auto closing, thanks to which the lock closes the door itself after a certain time after opening it. The tedee smart lock integrates with many smart home systems, such as Apple Home, Google Home, Fibaro, Ampio, Grenton or Loxone, thanks to which it can be operated from one common application and easily fit into the scenarios created to support them.

Gerda also offers a tedee lock with assembly service, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Thanks to cooperation and consultations with the Typhlology Department of the Society for the Care of the Blind, the Association in Laski, the application for its use has become available for blind and visually impaired people.

Information about the tedee lock can be obtained from Tedee at +48 22 307 72 67. It is also possible to order the presentation of the lock and its accessories, and purchase it after contacting TONO Praca Sp. z o.o., 75 Brzozowa Street, 05-080 Laski, phone +48 502 142 000.