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How to care for the front door?

The front door protects the interior of our house or apartment against weather conditions, noise and burglars. They provide a sense of comfort and make us feel really safe in the asylum at home. Their various forms, materials, color and finishes make the surroundings attractive and blend in with it.

We have several types of front doors

The entrance door is a distinctive accent and complements the concept of interior visualization. It is best if they harmonize with the window joinery. It is good if they accentuate the appearance of the house surroundings and the design assumptions used in the rooms. Of course, apart from the visual effects, they must first of all fulfill their functions, i.e. be tight, strong and ensure the safety of the household members.

That is why GERDA has created an extensive range of entrance doors, using a division into apartment doors and house doors, which, apart from being characterized by unquestionable visual qualities and modern technological solutions, are primarily distinguished by safety and durability. Their advantage is also the quality that lasts for many years of use.

In order for the door to look elegant, you need to take care of it

Even the best quality home or apartment doors, if not properly and regularly cleaned and maintained, can become disfigured, lose their tightness and jam. Depending on the material from which they were made, they require proper renovation and care.

The entrance door should be properly looked after

It is recommended to clean the GERDA door leaves, covered with laminate, and maintain them with BONA cleaning agent (available in the sales network) or other gentle agents for the care of plastics. They should be cleaned with appropriate agents whose particles will not scratch their surface. Under no circumstances should aggressive chemical preparations based on solvents or powders be used. Clean the door with a damp cloth, do not use bristles with hard bristles or other materials that may cause scratches. It should be remembered that cleaning the door should not be limited to the care of the sash, but also focus on the frame and fittings. Mechanics in particular require oiling, removing dirt and, if necessary, checking the condition of screws and welds.

How to care for metal parts

All front door fittings and finishes require cleaning at least once every six months. Steel elements should be cleaned and maintained only with specialized preparations intended for steel.

Under no circumstances should you use substances that may damage the steel surfaces. Steel elements must be protected against the influence of aggressive preparations used in the construction process. Brushing and polishing give good results. However, it is always recommended to do it in the direction of the metal grinding. For more frequent cleaning of metal doors, it is best to use a damp microfiber cloth and chrome-based polishing pastes. If the elements start to rust, e.g. due to mechanical damage, then the ideal solution is a liquid with phosphoric acid. Avoid any acids if the components are made of stainless steel.

Cleaning the glazing is also important

Glass elements in the door require good polishing with a microfiber cloth. Then the best cleaning agent will be the popular window cleaner.

If the glazing is matte or the glass has delicate grooves on its surface – then it can be washed in the traditional way, but it does not guarantee thorough cleaning of the recesses. So it’s better to use a mild detergent applied to a sponge or a soft brush.