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Glazing in doors – is it a good idea?

Glazing systems in outer doors, just as any other solution of this type, has as much avid followers as diehard adversaries. We believe that glazing systems in doors is a solution which may be considered when entrance doors to your house are selected. For all undecided, we have got a list of door glazing advantages.

First of all, glazed doors ensure an exceptional visual effect.

Glazing systems in outer entrance doors positively influence the entire aesthetics of the house. Give it some lightness and certain originality. Give it some lightness and certain originality. An important feature of such a solution is the fact that glazing systems perfectly match both modern and traditional architecture, providing many arrangement options.

Depending on our tastes and preferences, we may choose entrance doors with one or several glazing systems which may either be the same or which may differ in size and shape with one another. These are most often vertical or horizontal stripes, localised centrally or on one side of the door only.

In the broad offer of GERDA doors, you may find solutions, which are suitable even for the most demanding customer. The present modern solutions, regarding the door glazing systems, perfectly combine the texture, the shape and the colour of used materials, including the shade and transparency degree of applied glass. Therefore, we gain not only a diversified visual effect but we may also freely choose the lighting degree to be provided by our glazed entrance door.

Glazing systems in doors is also an outstanding functionality

What is the functionality of glazing systems in entrance doors to a house? This is because doors with glazing are nothing more as doors with an additional lighting of the interior of our house. As the name suggests, a solution of this type lets some natural sunlight into the interior of our house, what naturally brightens the rather dark part of the house, such as the vestibule or the hall. The effect of additional lighting of the house interior, achieved with a glazed door, is both practical and aesthetic. The interior obtains natural light, getting some lightness. The use of artificial light sources is in such a case necessary only after dark or when the weather is very cloudy.

And what about thermal insulation and safety?

The glazing systems in doors perfectly meet also these criteria. If anyone has doubts or concerns, regarding the maintenance of thermal insulation parameters or safety by entrance doors with glazing, we are pleased to inform that door glazing systems do not negatively alter any of the above-mentioned factors. GERDA NTT doors or aluminium ALTUS doors may be a splendid example of this property. Numerous glazing systems perfectly match the modern design. But that is not all.

The doors maintain the outstanding parameters of thermal insulation, while ensuring the best features of metal doors that is a robust, durable and resistant structure, combined with the highest safety level. The customers can choose their wish doors out of insulating, energy-saving and passive proposals – each with stunning visual design and aesthetic glazing systems.