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Elements of tedee powered by Gerda set

Smart lock tedee powered by GERDA

It is the heart of the tedee set by GERDA. With it, you can remotely open the door to your home, apartment or business. Developed by GERDY engineers and IoT specialists, the lock allows doors to be opened and closed using a mobile device. This can be your smartphone, iOS or Android tablet. The app also works on the Apple Watch.

A dedicated rechargeable battery provides 6 months of lock operation. When it needs recharging, the app will let you know early enough. It only takes a few hours to fully charge, such as overnight. This is enough for another six months of operation of the device.


Wi Fi/Bluetooth Router so you can connect remotely over the Internet. Thanks to the bridge you can control the lock at any time from any place on earth and check the activity log.

Bridge also provides you with automatic software updates.


The modular construction of the insert will allow you to install it yourself in the door. A Class 6 approved product gives you the security and quality that has guided the design of GERDA brand locks for over 30 years.

You can always open the lock with one of the three traditional keys included in the kit. The key profile is registered in the patent office and its production is possible only via igerda.pl


The ordered tedee powered by GERDA set will be sent to the indicated address together with a set of accessories.

In the set you will find 3-cylinder keys, 1 micro-USB cable with a magnetic tip so you can freely use the lock while charging, a set of self-assembly keys and a network charger.