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Tedee Tedee


Transparent application

Virtual keys in your smartphone or smartwatch

You no longer need traditional keys that often get lost. Just install our app on your mobile devices to open and close doors.

Touch-free opening and closing

When you come home with your hands full of groceries, you no longer have to search for your keys. Just set the auto-open mode on your smartphone and the lock will open by itself when you approach the door.

Share keys remotely

Don’t worry if guests arrive before you do. Open doors remotely from anywhere in the world and grant temporary or permanent access.

Three levels of access


Has full access to all lock options and manages access for all users.

The Administrator

Also has full access to all options but only manages guest access.


May open and close doors according to the access granted.

Safety and efficiency

Automatic closing

No more going back to close the door. Set automatic locking when you leave the house and tedee powered by GERDA will do it for you at the specified time.

Six months without power

The battery, designed by Korean engineers, is a dedicated part of the lock that allows it to function for 6 months without charging. When it needs power, the app will let you know relatively early and one night is enough for you to use it for another six months.

App for iOS and Android

Control remotely

Control remotely

Open and close. Grant access and add users from anywhere in the world. No matter where you are you just need access to the Internet to control the lock of your door.

Activity Log

Activity Log

You can check who has entered and left the building at any time. With the app, you have full control over access to your home and business.



Personalise the app according to your needs and receive only the information that interests you.

Multiple locks one key

Multiple locks one key

Manage multiple locks, in different locations. Use the mobile app and turn your smartphone into a GERDA tedee universal key.

Stylish, functional, safe

The aluminium housing and innovative design make it fit in any interior.

Stylish, functional, safe

GERDA patented drive

The smallest and strongest lock in the world designed by GERDA engineers. In the tedee set you also get a Gerda cylinder in the sixth security class.

256-bit security key

All application data is encrypted via the most secure TLS 1.3 protocol with a 256-bit security key. The same security system is used in payments such as Apple Pay.

Flawless Product

An intuitive app with a user-friendly interface was designed by Internet of Things experts from tedee.