Application - Gerda

Application dedicated to Tedee lock powered by Gerda

The constant rush, deadlines yesterday and way too many things to do at once. And then there was that thought… Was the front door to the house locked? This morning scenario has probably happened to everyone by now, causing unnecessary confusion, delays, and even crossing plans for the rest of the day. Fortunately, the solution to this challenge lies literally at your fingertips!

Download dedicated application Tedee powered by Gerda

What if you could control your door lock from anywhere in the world? Now it is possible thanks to unique solution – set Tedee powered by Gerda and communication with the Internet thanks to device Bridge. The set includes:

  • A smart lock that can be fully controlled from your smartphone or Apple Watch via a mobile app, adapted to function on both Android and iOS.
  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Bridge router, allowing to connect the lock to the Internet, and thus control it from anywhere on earth.
  • GERDA modular cylinder, thanks to which it is possible to open the lock using a dedicated key.

Controlling the lock via an app not only gives you the ability to quickly see if the front door is definitely locked, but also makes it much easier to access the home in the absence of the householder. The digital key can be shared with family members and friends, for example, and multiple scenarios can be used to control access by time or even cyclically.

In addition, the app has three levels of access:

  • Owner – allows full access to all lock functionalities and manages the access level of all users.
  • Administrator – like the owner, has access to all functionality, but can only manage guest access.
  • Guest – can open and close the door, but only according to the assigned scenario, e.g. cyclically every specified date.

Transparency and ease of use

A huge advantage of dedicated application Tedee powered by Gerda is its simple and intuitive interface. Learning how to use all the designed amenities will not be difficult for both children and the elderly.

With smart locks, you have full control over who opens the lock on your door and at what times. Access the history of door opening and closing events. Make sure your child has already returned from school and guests have locked the door after leaving the apartment. Gain full control over access to your own home.

Also, when an event is detected, you can immediately check if the lock is still locked. If necessary, the system will lock it again and call the emergency number if no friends or family were allowed in the apartment at the time.

The solution provided by Tedee powered by Gerda application allows you to create unlimited access scenarios, or build a database of users who have more or less access to open the lock. Moreover, without any additional modules or auxiliary applications, it allows you to control all the locks located in your home. Bet on the full security of your home or apartment with innovative lock Tedee powered by Gerda.